[SOLVED]Track Folder recording

Hi all,

I would like to be able to activate/deactivate several tracks record button at a time.
To do so, I did as follow:

  • Create a “Track folder”
  • Create as many audio tracks as needed in the “Track folder”
  • activate “Multi edition” in the “Track folder”
  • click on “track folder” record button
    => the “Track folder” record button is still grayed, impossible to activate it, no audio tracks in the “track folder” get the record button activated.

Found nothing in the manual, any idea ?


Did you check the input routing?

Humm … not sure, I check it tonight.

You was right, bad input routing …Of course, it was so obvious :frowning: sorry I should have start by the begining …

Thanks a lot

nya pa de kwa.

Speak french ?

:wink: yes.

It’s not your fault