[Solved] Transform normal note into rhythmic slashes in a region only


It’s me again
Thank you always for your help.

I would like to know if it’s possible to convert normal notes to slashes in a specific region,
without affecting all the notes of the part of the piece.

I’m doing this highlight a note and right click and choose Voices / Rhythmic slashes.

Best regards

If you want a slash region (that will play back as though they were the existing notated notes/chords), use a Slash Region. If you want slashes interspersed with regular notes, you can avoid extraneous rests by changing the Noteheads, not the Voice.

To convert a selection of notes to a slash voice, you need to use one of the options under Voices > Change voice in the context menu.

Sorry I wasn’t clear.

I mean, is it possible to convert normal notes to rhythmic slashes notes in a specific region in the score,
without have all the notes of the parts getting slashed.

The way I get to get rhythmic slashes notes is with Shift+Alt+v but It would be nice to be able to get,
rhythmic slashes note even after writing it with normal notes.


Thank you andgle and pianoleo ^.^
I’ll do more research on the Dorico help website from now.