"Solved" Transform normal region to slashes region questions


I noticed that when I transform a selection from normal note to slashes rhythm,
using right-click / Voices / Rhythmic slashes / slashes with stems,
the entire staff gets transformed into slashes.

Also, is it possible to use the Pop over to change a selection to slashes with stems?

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That function redefines the selected voice as a different type of voice.
If you want to change the selection, you need to use the Change Voice options, slightly further down the same menu.

I don’t believe it’s possible to achieve this via the popovers.

Thank you pianoleo :smiley:
I found the Change voice option and it works as only the selection gets slashes.
But I lose the playback though

Playback Options > Repeats > Rhythm Slashes > Play Slash Voices.
I believe it’s unticked by default.

Woah :star_struck:
You are the best :+1:
Thank you for your help :bowing_man:Screen Shot 2021-04-26 at 10.30.14