[SOLVED] Trouble getting Iconica Templates to work

I cannot seem to get my VEP Template of the Iconica sounds to produce any sounds.

When I use the Iconica Template as an alternate, the Brass Segment does not produce a sound. I tried reinstalling the brass sounds, but the Library manager says they are already installed.

I appreciate any help getting these templates fully functional.

Also, is there any way to call up individual Iconica sounds via the HALion Player?
icoTempVep.zip (418 KB)
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (1.92 MB)

Click the leftmost menu (LOAD) then click the popup menu directly below it (yellow) and it will reveal the Iconica icon …

Thank you, fratveno. I got that part of the problem solved. Even heard the trumpet play for the first time.

That leaves the VEP silence and the brass silence in the Iconica template, and I have no doubt someone will have a solution for that too down the line.

The same for me - VEB Server does not react in any way to my piano playing - only as a stand-alone version it works as expected. With the server version (64), Dorico no longer reacts to a keystroke when entering data - VEP swallows everything. Something has to be done differently with the Midi (Midithru?) Settings - but what ? :blush:

Now got it and it works. My rookie mistakes:
Check Dorico’s white-list and the plugin paths used. These must be specified in the VEP Server settings so that the plugins can be found. Then insert the instruments there. First start the server, then load the VEP pro (not the server) in Dorico. In the connection window that appears, select the server instance in the list and press activate.

I wish I was having the same luck as you, but I have tried to follow your instructions and still get no sound via the VEP7 (64) server connections.
This is very frustrating.

And when I go through the Iconica PB Template directly, still no trumpet sound–unless I try to change the trumpet midi channel, at which point I get (it seems) all the notes in the trumpet part playing simultaneously like a stuck MIDI cluster.
Okay, got the trumpet to work by changing its assigned slot number 5 to 6 (another trumpet), after which either slot 5 or 6 would produce the trumpet sound. One problem solved, just not the one I most wanted solved.

Where is the emoji with smoke coming out its ears? :slight_smile:

I’m sorry. I don’t use Iconica after all, but instead opted for BBCOS Pro (is supplied on a 1 TB SSD).
I am first practicing the use of VEP Server with Halion. And it works fine now - I now also know how to control more than 16 instruments. When I’ve got it under control with Halion, I’ll switch to the BBC. If I can help in any way, please be welcome.

Thanks. I hope John Barron might have some advice, since he knows what the templates and Expression Maps contain. I worry about changing something in VEP Server Pro that will change the interface between his VEP template and his Dorico EM’s and template.

I have begun to suspect that the VEP server cannot find either the HALion player or the Iconica files. Should John Barron’s VEP config file go in a specific location, or is there some other way to help the VEP Server find the location of the HALion files?

The Dorico/Iconica files were all installed in the default location used by the installer: C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\HALion\VST Sound

The Playback Template files form John Barron are installed in C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound

(Just for the record, I am simultaneously going through help videos and documentation to try better to understand the VEP system as well. I find it a lot harder to get into than I did switching from Finale to Dorico 1.0, perhaps because VEP’s forums cannot compete with the help provided here.)

I had many issues as well and ended up just uninstalling my trial of Iconica. I had the same issues you describe, but I found if I exported an MP3, all the sounds were present. From that I deduced that while Iconica’s samples sound much better than NotePerformer, the output was less “human”. I’m sure you can get great results with Iconica, but it will need a fair amount of massaging.

How I posted before: Check Dorico’s white-list and the plugin paths used. These must be specified in the VEP Server settings so that the plugins can be found. Then insert the instruments there.

If Dorico can find your plugins, then check all the pathes that Dorico use - you will find them listed in Dorico programm-settings under plugins.
Then you must copy (add) this pathes in the VEP settings under options / preferences / plugins / vst settings.

When this is done you should add a halion instrument into VEP and check it. For further problems ask again.

Ironically, no folder seems to contain the HALion plug-in, nor does the Dorico white-list mention it.
I can choose Aria/Garritan or NI as “favorites” but the only Steinberg options are Padshop and Retrologue.

Eventually it may be that you have to change the visibilty setting of the protected common files directory to be able to add the directory in VEP.


It was the VST3 folder that needed to be loaded but was invisible/assumed in the Dorico Whitelist.

Many, many thanks!