[solved]Turning off cue sends on channel leaves it in the FX

I’m just getting into CR and making great strides but I can’t solve this little puzzle.

I have a cue mix involving all the FX channels. The problem is that if I decide to mute several (group) channels from the cue mix I can still hear them on the FXs, which are still required for the channels I do want to hear.

Anyone know of a way round this?

Thanks for any help,

That’s a tough one… I mean it’s working as it’s designed, and how it HAS to work, so it’s not like it’s doing anything wrong per se. But I understand your problem.

… I can’t think of an easy workaround for that short of duplicating the FX cahnnels and separating your sends based on how you would want to set up your cue mixes. But that’s an awful lot of work and extra CPU drain, and may end up being just an exercise in futility if you like to change what you put on your cue mixes a lot. I really don’t know. That’s a puzzler. There’s no easy answer to that one.

In a practical sense, the only suggestion I can make is to limit the FX you actually need to send the Cue mixes as much as possible. Only do what you HAVE to do, and that will help dictate the amount of work you need to put in to make a usable cue mix.

I had a horrible feeling that would be the answer. You almost need the cue send on/off to act as a mute, cutting things off back down the chain. As long as there was a pref for it, of course! I suspect it’s going to prove to be more than handy to be able to use this feature to listen to the FX buss all on its own when mixing.

Your suggestion of a separate set of FX sends for recording purposes is about where I was getting to as well. At least you can power off the ones you don’t need. And as it’s presumably only going to be an issue when recording - i.e. in distinct chunks - it may prove not to be such a pita after all.

Well, thanks for chiming in. I’ll keep this alive in case some cunning plan emerges. In the meantime I may give support a go.


Response from Steinberg support:

The Answer of User SLD is correct in the forum thread.
So you will have to set up the FX routing twice for your purposes.