[SOLVED] Two Soft-eLicenser with no activation code

Hello everybody,

first, sorry for my bad english !

I have a big problem… I needed to reinstall Windows 10 twice in a week because I had problem with… So, I try to reinstall Dorico 3, Halion 6, Wavelabs Le, Cubase LE, etc etc… I download eLicencec Control (I don’t have a USB) but when I go in my account, there no activation code… Ok… I don’t understand why. I try some things, apparently bad… Now I have two Soft-eLicenser but with no activation code… And because I am stupid (and because I couldn’t saved files from my past Windows…) I have just a bill when I bought Dorico 2…

Someone have an idea to help me ?

Thank you very much.


I will send you a trial activation code for Dorico that will get you back up and running for that product right now, though I can’t help with the other products. You should raise a ticket via MySteinberg to get your other license issues sorted out.

Is there french answer for a ticket, or I need to write it in english ?

It should be fine to write it in French. We have French-speaking support staff.

Thank you very much Daniel !