[Solved] Unable to apply 8.0.5 update

I’ve downloaded the Update-File for several times now and everytime the same error when I try to install it: The extracting-window closes after one second and nothing happens. No update gets installed. Any suggestions?

I’ve updated Cubase since version 6.0. What if I want to complety deinstall Cubase and reinstall to version 8. Do I have to install all updates in order? Or is there a short way to do this?

Thanks a lot.

(Windows 7 64-bit, Cubase 8 64-bit)

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If you are trying to install the 8.05 update it won’t work as that only updates a C8 installation. The complete C8 installer files should be in your MySteinberg downloads section. You can install C8 alongside your C6 installation without a problem.

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Cubase 8 is already installed. The update 8.0.5 doesn’t work - as described above. It stops installing after the extracting window pops up for one second. I’ve downloaded the update for several times now - same result.

Find the installer file that you updated to version 8 with and extract it’s contents. There will be a Cubase8.msi file somewhere in there. Right click on the MSI file and select ‘Repair’. Then try the 8-8.0.5 update again.

I tried Tanant’s advice with the Cubase8_64bit.msi (in my case) and the 8.0.5 update still didn’t work.

After that I ran the Steinberg Installation Updater.exe also located in the Cubase 8 installation folder. And voila:


Thanks for your help!

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