[SOLVED] unable to move effects up to slot 1 in master channel bug?

Hi there guys. don’t know if this is bug or if it’s meant to be this way.
I put an effect in slot 2 of master channel, I tried to move it onto slot 1 but Cubasis won’t let me.
I can move the effect to the slots below but not to slot 1.
Please give a look at the first few seconds of this video

Hi john1289,

By design, the first slot is the add-effect slot of the master channel and is different from the channel inserts, which is the last slot.
Maybe we can change this, we will discuss this in the team.


Hi there Lars, than for the reply, I also thought that it could have been designed that way but wanted to be sure.
Wish you and the team a blessed holiday

Hi John1289,

It was Jan who kindly and comprehensively answered your question not Lars… :wink:


:rofl::rofl::rofl: I’m so used to writing your name