[Solved] Unable To Select Lyrics Line 1

I’m trying to select my lyrics line 1 to delete keeping my translation line and chorus line. I’ve followed the manual by selecting all then going to the filter and selecting line 1 but this insn’t working here. All the lyrics remain selected including the translation and chorus lines.

However, selecting just the translation line and the chorus line does work; it’s just line 1 I’m unale to select.

To delete just the line 1, I first changed this to line 2 throughout the score then I was able to select line 2 in the filter and remove the lyrics.

Is there something I need to do to be able to select line 1?


No, you should find that works fine. Can you attach the project in which you’re having this problem?

The Chorus and Translation Lines may also be defined as Line 1; it’s not an either/or thing, so it may be that when you Filter Line 1 that’s why those continue to be selected.

The easiest solution I can think of is to select any word on Line 1, then Edit > Select More three times (I think Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+A is the default). Then hit Delete or Backspace.

Thanks Daniel and Pianoleo, I appreciate your replies.

I had just discovered that the translation line was also on line 1. Moving this to translation line 2 did the job, the chorus line is also fine now. I’ve marked this as ‘Solved’.

Thanks again and best wishes.