[SOLVED] Undoing a slash region & preserving underlying notes

Is there a way to remove a slash region applied over an existing drum kit part without removing the underlying notation that existed prior to applying the slash region?

Can’t you drag the endpoint back until the region is out of the way of the spot you need? That should preserve the underlying notes.

It did not in my case, but it was not the first thing I tried so it might have if I had tried it first. I’ll probably do an experiment when I have time, but it seems strange that (apparently) one cannot undo slashes, and cues seem equally difficult to banish.

Cues can be selected (and then removed) by clicking their cue label. If the cue label is set to be hidden, there should be a signpost with the instrument name instead (only if signposts are visible, of course).

I think I found out what was happening with the slash notation leaving no underlying notes when altered or removed.

Apparently when one copies a passage including slash notation (as I did to a second drum staff), the copy process only copies the slashes; only the original staff contains both the slashes and underlying notes.

(I should have thought of that sooner, but it is still nice to know.)