[SOLVED] Unintentional discontinuous lyrics

This seems like a bug but when I am correcting the lyrics to this score, there are many instances where the lyrics’ next location jumps over a measure or multiple measures. This causes the lyrics to have weird overlapping text because the hyphenated portion repeats over the skipped measures.

I still need to put lyrics to the skipped measures and that results in a picture like the following.

Notice that the correct lyrics should read pie-to, but if you go from pie to the next lyric (right arrow or ‘-’ dash), then it jumps to the next system -til.

You file really looks like a XML import from an OCR like photoscore… First thing I’d do is select all, filter lyrics and… Delete! There are too many mistakes, hyphens instead of spaces, lyrics under rests… It goes faster to write from scratch :wink:

Thank you @MarcLarcher. That did not fix the problem.

I decided to turn on voice colors and found that the measure in between had a melody that suddenly jumped to be a different voice which then caused the lyrics jump. I could not figure out a way to switch the voice of the melody line so I ended up re-inputting the notes and that fixed the problem for me.

Would appreciate if somebody could tell me how to change the voice of a selection of notes.

I also figured out how to change voices. Right click Voices -> Change Voice. This did not always work well, so sometimes I had to select Swap voice contents in order to succeed.