[SOLVED] UR22 crackle/drop out/glitches... Requires RESTART


So the UR22 is becoming a real annoyance, after a while it starts dropping out (timing goes off) and crackle, no matter what I do. Outside or inside of a DAW.

Disable/Enable playback device doesn’t work, unplugging USB doesn’t work… I have to literally restart my computer.

I am very disappointed as I thought Steinberg was bullet proof.

I would have been able to live with a device restart but this is beyond ridiculous.

Just thought I’d give the fix here since I know a bunch of people of google will probably find this useful.

It was the USB slot on my MOBO. Probably a power conservation setting or something, anyway I switched port and it worked.

Would using the 5 volt DC power port on the UR22 (rather than relying on the USB for power) help eliminate power problems ?