[SOLVED] UR242 - Windows 10 recognizes the device only as a line

I have been trying to find a solution for this problem for months now. I’m using UR242 with my DAW and everything works perfectly, but for no reason, one day the device started to be recognized as a line input and I can’t access the inputs directly in windows sound manager. I am sure it worked in the past.

I have Tools for my UR including USB Asio installed, if anybody faced this problem and solved it, I would be more than grateful for an advise.

Hi @radomir.babek

Is it not working as a microphone?

I have the UR44C and it’s also listed as Line audio device. But it works fine. I have used it with Skype, Zoom…

So if it is working I wouldn’t bother how it’s displayed in windows sound settings.

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It’s always a line input to Windows…

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Sorry for the silly question, I understand my device a little bit more now, thanks you all.