Solved!UR28M No Longer SEENafter 2.11 failed Firmware update

Version 2.10 for the UR28M Worked PERFECTLY…why did I attempt to update to Version 2.11???

Now after 30 or more De-installs - Reboots and Re-installs…NOTHING

Please help!

2.1.1 is a Firmware update, it requires TOOLS for UR28M V2.1.0 or higher to be installed. These are two different things - just saying to make sure we’re on the same page.
What version of Tools have you installed?
Did you follow the firmware update instructions exactly?

Thanks for making sure we are on the same page.
What version of Tools have you installed?
Did you follow the firmware update instructions exactly?
Yes, below are the steps I followed numerous times

1 Turn off the computer.
2 Disconnect all USB devices other than the
mouse and keyboard from the computer.
3 Start the computer and log on to the
Administrator account.
Exit any open applications and close all open windows.
4 Double-click “setup.exe” in the compressed file
(you have downloaded).
5 Follow the on-screen instructions to install the
Install the following software in order.

• Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver
• Steinberg UR28M Applications
• Basic FX Suite (VST Plug-ins)

The eLicenser Control Center (eLCC) for controlling the
product license is installed simultaneously with Basic FX
6 When installation has been completed, click
If a window requiring you to restart your computer
appears, follow the on-screen instructions and restart the
(No window requiring me to restart my computer
appeared, I tried both ways)

7 Connect the device directly to the computer by
using the included USB cable.
Make sure not to connect it to a USB hub.
8 Turn on the device (UR44, UR28M, UR824 only).


9 If the “Can Windows connect to Windows Update
to search for software?” message appears in the
middle of the window, select “No, not this time”
then click [Next].
(Nothing Appears, so I cannot click next))
10 Confirm that the “Install the software
automatically” has been selected then click
(Nothing Appears, so I cannot click next))
11 When the installation has been completed, click
(Nothing Appears, so I cannot click next))

Here’s where it gets even stranger:

12 Open the “Device Manager” window as follows.
[Control Panel]  ([Hardware and Sound])  [Device
I see the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver under Hardware and Sound, but when I click on Manage Audio Devices its not there!
Also when I click on the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver icon, it shows NOTHING in the device section under the ASIO tab?

13 Click on the [+] mark or [>] mark next to “Sound,
video and game controllers.”
In this section I see Steinberg UR28M and USB Device with Yellow Exclamations.
When I click on it the Device status says - The device cannot start (Code10)

14 Confirm that the device name is listed.
In this section I see Steinberg UR28M
Installation of the software is now complete.
It is not complete…

Very strange…
You might try deleting the drivers and software from the computer and trying again - the firmware update however should only need to be done the once (i.e. should not be necessary as if it was successful, the firmware is already updated).

Another approach, and the one I’d recommend at this point is to PM a moderator with a reference to this thread, or log onto your “My Steinberg” site and fill out a Service Request. They have been known to arrange a remote session with you, if you wish, and actually fix the problem on your system directly.

I deleted the drivers and software again but still no luck. i submitted a service request. 24 to 48 hr down time…
Thanks for all of your help

I’ll post whatever they find ASAP.

I removed OLD versions of Cubase that i had on my PC.
Cubase essentials 5/6 and LE also Sequel 2.
Magically after a reboot (or two), my PC saw the driver 2.10 and kicked in!

Thanks everyone here and Joel at the Steinberg support staff!

I had to get the most recent firmware or driver update which was not in the main updated download folder on the website:

Didn’t have to log in under admin like the user manual indicates.

Prior to that I had installed everything that came on the cd and the drive update file on their website with all the same stuff. Computer wasn’t recognizing it (flashing power light).

If the above link becomes inactive just keep searching until you find something that looks like:

“Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver 1.9.9 · 18.6 MB
Release Notes (PDF)”

I believe it is the driver only, without all the other stuff. Same zip file name though. Weird. Thanks for the headache Steinberg.

The link is for the September 8th 2016 update.