[Solved]UR44 no HARDWARE rack in existing projects

I have just bought the UR44 and am very pleased with it. But I have a problem with the new “hardware” rack in the MixConsole.

With existing projects (pre UR44) the rack selector does not contain the rack “hardware”.

In new projects it does.

How can I make the rack appear in existing projects so that I can use it to record new tracks?

Hello flexionmusic,

Have you already updated you UR44 with the Firmware 2.0 and installed the Tools for UR44 update 2.0 ?

Best regards,
Stefan Schreiber

Yes, I installed the files TOOLS_for_UR44_V200_Win64.zip and UR44_Firmware_Updater_V200_win.zip.

I did not use the included install-CD first.

As I was recording with one microphone only, I had a stereo input buss with only the left channel connected to the UR44. The right channel was “not connected”.

When I also connected the right channel to the UR44, the HARDWARE rack became visible in the MixConsole. :slight_smile:

I had the same problem with my new UR44.
There are new templates that get installed with the ur44 firmware for new projects that have all the hardware settings as you’ve found. What I did was go to the “device setup” in one of those new template projects and then save the settings as a preset in both the output and input dialogs. Then, in my old project, I brought up those presets in the “device setup” and assigned the new inputs etc to the various ur44 channels. All the hardware then appeared in the mixer like in the user guide. To continue recording, input channels may need to be reassigned.
Also, I found that if the mixer channels weren’t set wide enough the on/off button for the channel strip on those recording channels was obscured. That took forever to sort out.