[solved] UR824 Audio stop after export

Hi all,

I have a strange problem here with my UR824 and cubase 7.
Everytime I export a project to audio when it finish and I play again the project there is no more sound. All (also the mixer) look like properly working.
The way to get the sound back is or to change the sample rate of the project or to set the clock source to external and then back to internal.
Also the performance of the computer are very compromised (slow mouse and keyboard).
This doesn’t happen with cubase 6 and UR824 or with cubase 7 and a TC Electronic Konnekt 24D.
I’m on a MacBook Pro (mid 2010), both the UR824 and Cubase 7 are up to date (UR824 1.0.6 Cubase 7.0.1)
I was waiting for the new drivers (1.0.6), but have not solved the problem :frowning:

Anyone else have this problem?

(sorry for my english, I hope to have explained the problem well)

When exporting i noticed an overall slowing of the computer, this made ​​me think about a problem related the management of the processor.
So, in the settings “VST Audio System” I removed the option “Multi Processing” (also having a Core2Duo).
By doing this I noticed that the “VST Performance Monitor” indicates a greater use of CPU but system activity monitor not show any difference between one mode and the other (activated/de-activated), but greater stability with the “Multi Processing” disabled.
Even when using Cubase 7 i notice a more fluid system and less time to export (around 30% less).

I hope this could be helpful for someone.