[SOLVED] USB audio interface doesn't work anymore with Cubasis 3.1.2

The Steinberg UR22 used to work fine in Cubasis 3.1.1

Now when pressing play or record the playhead jumps far ahead (1000 bars or so) and stays there. Cubasis freezes.

It also freezes when trying to change the audio input device and usb interface is connected.

Hi misohoza,

Please give the following steps a try:

• Load an empty project
• Close all apps by swiping them away in the app switcher
• Reboot your Android smartphone or tablet from time to time

Does this help to solve the problem?


Hi Lars,

Problem solved. Even though I don’t know what fixed it. I tried restarting and closing other apps as you suggested several times. Also tried different headset and another audio interface. As the other two worked fine I decided to try the UR22 again and it worked this time.

So it looks like problem solved for now. Thanks.

Hi misohoza,

Glad to read, that the issue has been resolved!
Thanks for the update!