[SOLVED] USB-C Adapter Macbook

Hi guys,

I’ve recently purchased a macBook (mostly for testing purposes, though I do like it the more I play with it) and since I wanted to connect it with my midi keyboard, I’ve bought an adapter for the usb-c port.

Here it is:

Now, I’ve noticed that while using my controller inside Cubase and midi remote, the latter goes occasionally to a disconnected state (the UI turns grey) and then connects again in a matter of 500-1000ms. So, not really a big deal, however, I strongly suspect that this is caused by my adapter.

Could anyone recommend a reliable adapter, please? The price margin is not something I worry about.

Thank you!

I have bought these and they have worked very well

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Thank you very much!
So, since this is one2one, you then use another hub? I need 2-3 ports actually.

My MacBook Pro has three USB-C ports so I don’t need hubs too often.

But I have had problems with devices like yours not fitting securely so I would try something like this

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Ah great, yes, this since this one has a cable I have to guess it will be more stable! Thank you again!

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This one has been brilliant for me, used it for many hours without an issue, and I only wanted USB 3.0 without the HDMI as my MBP as HDMI already:

Using it with UR22C Audio Interface, Cubase Dongle and an Akai MPK mini.

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Thank you very much my friend!
I think with the hubs you both suggested, I can consider the thread solved!

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