[SOLVED] USB is Not being recognized in routing

i am running on an iPad Air 2 > genuine Apple Lightening to USB adapter > ART USB Dual Pre…

What do I need to do to have Cubasis recognize my pre-amp. Am I even using the correct adapter?

Hi Brodi,

Please get back to ART regarding the question since we’re not equipped with the device and not aware if it is class compliant / iOS compatible.


No problem…

I have a brand new UR22mkII and get even less response. It doesn’t power with iPad and external power (it does with MacBook), it isn’t recognized by Cubasis at all but iPad identifies it as needing too much power to run. Now what? I bought the iPad to run Cubasis and subsequently the UR22mkII to resolve the above problem. Help! I’ve spent about $800 and am at a loss.


sorry for the inconvenience… let me try to help you.

Just to make sure I understand you correct, do you mean when you power the UR22mkII with a Mac Book as being the 5V power source then Cubasis is recognizing the audio interface correctly? Or still the same problem?


Hi Brodi,

Thanks for your private message regarding this topic, please find my answer with tips to solve the issue in your inbox.


Thanks Lars!
Cubasis is now recognizing my URmkII.

  1. Im now having a dropout issue and am still unable to record anything usable.
    If needed I will send you a track. Best I can explain is this, about every other second (but not a distinct pattern) my recording is over ridden by a hiss that appears to be a complete overdrive of the signal.

  2. The gain signals when setting my mics or guitars is very low and have a muddy or low warble (bass without any presence) overall sound. Basically, I get barely any gain in the first 50% on the gain control, then it peaks almost as soon as I can hear a signal. This occurs in Both in -/+48 phantom power modes.

  3. The monitoring/playback in headphones is similar in sound. Other apps (chrome, candy crush, etc) do not have the same monitoring issues with the same headphones when plug directly into the iPad. When running Cubasis, I need to keep the volume at about 70% to hear anything. Then after that, the sound begins to overdrive. The volume with the headphones is recognizably very low and the sound from the room over powers the monitoring of the headphones when taking a low volume speaking voice track.


Hi Brodi,

Thanks for the update.

The UR22mkII allows high quality recordings with Cubasis and you shot not encounter any trouble achieving best results.

Please have a look at the available Cubasis LE song creation tutorials that will guide you through the process:


Hope these are helpful to sort out your issues.


Spoke with a tech at Yamaha/Steinberg on the phone. The assumption is the unit is damaged. :blush: . So I have to send it to the factory so it can be fixed and returned to me.

Hi Brodi,

Thanks for the update.

I’m sorry to hear that the UR22mkII device seems to be defective.

We use all CC-compatible UR interfaces in our Cubasis tests regularly and they perform great and provide excellent results.

Hope the hardware issue can be solved very quickly so you’re able to work with the interface and Cubasis soon.

Please keep me updated about the status.

Best wishes,