[Solved] Using MemoryStream and IBStreamer in non-VST project?

I’ve got a non-VST project (AAX plug-in) in which I would like to share some code from my VST3 plug-in project for reading and writing “chunk” data. But I’m having a problem getting the project to link. I’ve gotten rid of most of the errors, but one remains:

Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:
“Steinberg::IBStream::iid”, referenced from:
Steinberg::MemoryStream::queryInterface(char const*, void**) in memorystream.o

I’ve added memorystream.cpp, fstreamer.cpp and baseiids.cpp to my project (along with a few others that were needed), but can’t seem to get past this one missing symbol. Any idea how I can get this to link in my project (without including the whole VST3 library)?


#include "pluginterfaces/base/ibstream.h"

namespace Steinberg {



Awesome! Thanks, Arne!