[SOLVED] Using ONE VST Instr with 2 Presets as 2 VST Instr

I hope I can explain this. I want to use one VST Instrument on 2 different tracks using 2 different presets.
I have Cubase 8 Pro, running on a new PC with an i7 sixth gen processor.

So…In my VST Instruments Panel - I have my Kontakt Player VST TWO separate times. Once with a piano synth, and a second time with a faux violin or string synth.

I have two separate VST instrument tracks. One for the Kontakt Piano Synth, another separate VST instrument track for the Kontakt String Synth.

I have two separate MIDI tracks each with different channel settings. One MIDI track has the output set to the Kontakt Piano Synth, the other MIDI track has its output settings to the Kontakt String Synth. I opened the MIDI editor for each track and penciled in or hand wrote a few different MIDI notes or messages.

The Problem:: I am not hearing both VST instruments. It seems only the first (of two) VST Instruments gets signals/and it output to the monitor speakers.

Is it possible to create - and functionally use - two separate VST Rack Instruments from one single VST software app like Kontakt, or Halion, etc. - where each instance has different presets or different sounds?

Any thoughts as to why I can’t seem to get the 2nd VST instrument track to play?
(I attached a picture)


Well your second instance is muted in that screen shot…is it that simple??

Thank you for looking at the post. Yeah, I saw that. I tried about every combination of muting and solo(ing) for all of the tracks, but to no avail.

IS there anything that “prohibits” ONE software instrument from being TWO VST Instruments?

No…I can’t even think how you could set up so one didn’t play!!

Do you need them to be rack instruments for any reason…have you tried loading as track instruments which is a simpler way of doing it.

So I created a new empty project. Tried the same thing with both my Reaktor software (making distinct Rack VST instruments with it, using two different settings, one keys one strings), and I also did it with my Kontakt software, again making two separate VSTs with it.

Each time, when prompted to create the (corresponding) MIDI track at the time the VST rack instrument was created, I clicked “Create” (or yes). By creating the MIDI tracks at the time of VST Rack Instrument creation. There was no problem.

Now - there’s NO problems. HHhhmm strange.