(Solved) Using Project Assistant, "New Folder" Button Missing from Dialog

When creating a new project in previous versions of Cubase (with the “Prompt for Project Location” option chosen) I used to double click my template and a dialog box option would pop up with a button labeled “New Folder”. I would click that button, type in my project name, hit OK, and a new sub-folder would be created in my main Cubase projects folder. That new folder is where my new project would be saved to.

In CB 10 Pro I don’t get that button labeled “New Folder”. This means I would have to create that project sub-folder first outside of Cubase (probably using File Explorer") before creating a new project.

Anyone have a similar concern/issue and, more importantly, can this be fixed?

Edit… The solution was that I mistakenly did not notice the “New Folder” button. It is there in CB 10, just located to a different location on the dialog box.

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Edit… sorry I can delete the duplicate screenshots.

Set Project Folder in CB 9.5 Pro.PNG

Set Project Folder in CB 9.5 Pro.PNG

Can you right click in the explorer window to create new folder?

Yes… that is helpful, so thank you. :wink:
But, doing it this way creates a few extra steps after I create the new folder. I then must choose that new folder and select it as the new folder. Where previously, I would hit the “New Folder” button, type it in, and hit OK.

I mean, I can live with the new method but, the old method was more intuitive and slightly easier.

Sad if it is a change because the previous easier method and dialog box was used in Cubase for as long as I remember.

So, is this a change for everyone using CB 10 or something weird on my system?

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Just looking for feedback from a few fellow CB 10 users to tell me if, on their system, they see a “New Folder” button when creating a new project or not (see the pics in my OP). Thanks. :wink:

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I noticed this too on Win7 and Win10.

Thanks for the feedback Tracker. :wink:

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Maybe I’m not understanding the question? I see the New Folder button in each of your uploaded pics.

The screenshots I uploaded shows the “Set Project Folder” dialog box that pops up right after I hit the project “Create” button in both CB Pro 9.5 & 10. I did mistakenly uploaded double screenshots (which I can’t delete) but the one named “Set Project Folder in CB 9.5 Pro” shows the “New Folder” button. The screenshot named " Set Project Folder in CB 10 Pro" does not have a “New Folder” button.

So I am wondering if that it is how it is supposed to be in CB 10 or if it is only in my system? Or is it a bug?

If it is only in my system maybe someone will have a suggestion for how to fix it (before I request SB support).

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Hm… hiding in plain sight?

Steve… you da man! Thanks so much. :blush: I just tried it and that button works perfectly.

I’m glad it was my oversite and not a CB issue.

Man… I’m getting too old for this s… (stuff).

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None of us are getting younger! :astonished: