(Solved) Vari Audio 3 not changing the key

:frowning: I am having a few problems to say the least with Cubase 10.0.20. Vari Audio is not changing the pitch of the audio event. Regardless of where the audio event is place in the scale it still sounds the same. Can someone please help. This is the one of the main reasons I got Cubase.

Hi and welcome,

Sorry, could you write step by step repro? Does the track follows Chord Track? Or do you use Transpose Track? Or did you trigger Generate Harmony Voices function?

I figured it out apparently Vari-audio was disabled, the disabled/enabled indicator colors are quite similar, one is yellow the other is orange!! This is just me thinking but maybe they should have used green & orange. Also if variaudio is disabled why would you allow me to move audio events. They should have had it greyed out with a big sign that says disabled (like the no smoking sign). I wish someone would pay me to fix Cubase.