[Solved] VariAudio: Key Commands for Segments/Pitch & Warp?

As I am editing pitch in VariAudio, I am finding it tedious to have to click between the two tools to edit segments and pitch. Are there key commands for these two tools? I can’t seem to find them.

Bonus Question: Is there a way to set a key for VariAudio, like in autotune, so only the notes in the specified key are available to snap/quantize to?



Strange, it’s even mentioned in the manual, and several threads on the forum…

Press the TAB key to toggle between the 2 modes.

Yep, tab key. But I’d like to know why we can’t just use the normal tools, like the pointer tool and the scissors tool. This is how we do it everywhere else, so why not here? I have a great workflow for comping vocals using these tools but when I start on vari-uadio it’s like using a different program! It needn’t be I think.

Also, can we get rid of that mute X icon which appears only when we hover? What a pain. Because it’s invisible most of the time, I just end up muting the clips all the time when I’m trying to select them, especially with really small clips… Come on, how often do we need to mute a clip that we need an X there anyway I’d ask? Surely that’s what the Mute tool should be used for, like in the project window??


Thank you very much to both of you for the reply.

I agree that the functionality within VariAudio should work the same as the rest of the work flow.

Totally agree with you. It is necessary to inform developers about the issue. And more! If you quickly press the segment and immediately move it, it will remain in place. I work very quickly, and for me this is a very serious problem. Before that I worked in cubase 5. There it works very well. And the problem with the cross not. (X). Mike, please report it to the developers. I have problems with the English language. Thank you! Nikita.

I agree [1] for “Pitch and Warp Segments” and [3] for “Adjust Segmentation,” since that’s what we use for pointer and scissors. Why is there not a VariAudio section under Key Commands?