[SOLVED] Vertical movement lyrics with condensed staffs

I encountered a little problem, probably a bug?? Vertical movement of lyrics works great in Engrave Mode, but it looks like the lyrics of a condensed staff (in my case sopranos - altos and tenors - basses) can’t be moved vertically (horizontally is no problem). See and try it in the attachment.
Example.zip (353 KB)

Today I worked again on stuff with many lyrics. And by accident I discovered the solution for the problem, I wrote yesterday.
I worked on SATB songs. I use the condense feature (sopranos and altos to one staff condensed and tenors and basses to one staff condensed).
I discovered: by design Dorico places the lyrics of the altos and the basses below the staffs, and lyrics of the sopranos and altos above the staff (that makes sense of course).
In the proporties of the lyrics you can choose to place the lyrics below or above the staff.
When I take care, that the lyrics of the altos and basses are placed in the properties “Below”, I can move that lyrics vertically in Engrave Mode by using alt + arrow up or down.
For the lyrics of the sopranos and the tenors I have to set the properties on “Above” to be able to move that lyrics vertically by using alt + arrow or down.
When the properties aren’t set this way, I cann’t move the lyrics vertically.
So: problem solved!

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