[SOLVED] Video import problem Cubase 8 PRO

Hi all,

Does anyone else reproduce the following behaviour?

1/ New project
2/ Import a video file by draging an mp4 or mov file from winfows explorer to cubase
3/ A video track is created but without audio track.
4/ Delete the video track, use the function “Import video file”, check “Extract audio of video file” => still the same behaviour, a video track is created but no audio track with the audio of the video ?

thanks for your feedbacks

Scroll down, to the bottom of your project (after all channels, FX, Groups and VSTi’s). See if the audio track is there…?

I have no others tracks, I start from “New project” and then import a video file first.

I’m so sorry… forgive me; I didn’t read your post properly, at all…! :blush:

Then, I have nothing else useful to offer - hopefully some others will post in with suggestions.

No problem :slight_smile:
I often read message fast too.
I have post a topic on this issue in the “Issue report” forum part.

I just had an issue with importing video because of a quicktime update… .6 is what worked for me. I couldn’t get the video or audio to import and after getting the right things installed both showed up. Just make sure which qt is installed and if the right one, then we must find another work around.

After a fresh new install of my system Windows 7 and new Quicktime installation, everything works well now.