[SOLVED]Video stutter problem

Problem: Video is playing jerky/with stutters.
This happens both in my Cubase version 7.0.6 and in 7.5 that I just bought.

I am using the same video files, that used to play smooth when I worked on the same projects I finished without this problem in earlier versions - I think 6.5 or first version of 7 - not sure, sorry.

I have tried every combination of turning on the boost (with risk of less audio performance) and 100/75 % quality option. Nothing makes a difference.

Also I can no longer import WMV-files - now Cubase says “invalid or unsupported file” - about the very same video file, that I worked on in Cubase 6 and worked fine back then?!?!

I can play back all of the video files, I am mentioning and have tested, without any problems on my computer in either Quicktime Player or Windows Media Player. They just run smoothly. But when imported into Cubase they all play back stuttering and jerky.

This is a huge problem for me, since I am composing music to video.

Please - anyone from Steinberg please help me out here!

Sorry for bumping this - but can anyone confirm, that video files imported into Cubase 7.5 or Cubase 7.0.6 is playing back stuttering?

Or can anyone tell me, if they can import and play back video without this problem in either 7.5 or 7.0.6?

Best regards

i have no problem reading videos in 7.5 and they were the same from 7 and 6.
actually i’m working on a .mov (43min / 2Gb) for 2days (since 7.5) and for the video it’s perfect.
but thoughout the years i realise that the only 1000% ok format for me is H264 mp4

With good help from the Steinberg team I managed to figure it out.

It turned out that one of my 3 Samsung 24" monitors (Syncmaster 244B Plus) didn’t have a specific driver for Windows 7, 64 bit. Disabling that monitor video played back perfect on the other two Samsung monitors of a newer make. So I’ll have to update that hardware.

I wrote to the Steinberg team with apologies for accusing Cubase of being the problem :slight_smile: