[SOLVED]:VST connect 4 and Cubase 9 PRo issues

Hi All,

I have 2 issues using VST connect PRO 4 and Cubase 9 PRO.

1/ Once a VST Connect PRO connection in Cubase 9 is created, as soon as I did an action like Export Audio or Delete a track in the project, after having validated the export or deletion, the project windows disappear and I get the grey background. Then I have to click on the cubase icon in the taskbar to get the project windows back.

2/ When recording a friend thourgh VST connect PRO, after 1mn02s the VST performer track stop recording and the playback continue ???
I have no punch in and out activated. Whatever the location in the project is, when I start recording, the VST Performer track stops recording after exactly 1mn02s !!!

I’ve solved my 2 issues.

1/ This issue was due to a software (“Actual Multiple Monitor”) I use to mirror my screen onto another distance screen in my studio.

2/ This issue happen when you have an “Arranger” track activated.