[SOLVED]:VST Connect 4 recording no more than 1mn !!!

Hi all,

I’ve tried today a recording session with my drummer, after a while we succeeded to configure the connection between its VST performer and my cubase PRO 9 using VST Connect PRO but impossible to record more than 1mn02s of track !!!
I tried several times and each time the audio track is stopping after 1mn02s of recording and the play back continue.
I have no Punch IN an OUT activated.

Hope someone have an idea cause it’s give me crazy !!!

thanks for your help

Is it Cubase dropping out of recording? Then VST Connect has nothing to do with your problem, as VST Connect does not (and can not) control the Cubase record state.
What happens when you record without VST Connect?

Without VST Connect, no problem, I can record as long as I want.

That’s strange indeed.
Can you provide us with more details? What exactly happens when Cubase drops out of record, is there a glitch in playback or does it just continue? Having a VST Connect PRO version, how many tracks do you record on the Performer side? What are your upstream settings on both sides and most of all, have a look at the VST Performance Meter (Cubase Devices Menu/VST Performance), is it possibly overshooting when the dropout happens? Also maybe try to increase the audio buffer size in Cubase and switch off ASIO Guard.
Finally, to help best, we need to know the specifics of both systems (OSX/Windows, audio interfaces etc).

Ok I’ve found the problem that I think it is not one.
This behaviour appears when I have an “Arranging” track activated. If I deactivate it, no more problem and I can recording with VST connect without any drop out.