[SOLVED] VST Not Seen By Cubase, but dll In VSTPlugin Folder

Hi Guys

:wink: Your assistance, as always will be appreciated. (I always seen to have some issue with my new PC (win 7) and cubase lately… :blush: )

:arrow_right: Cubase (6.5) does not see my Kontakt 4 (32Bit) although the dll is “neatly” organised in a “NI”-folder with all the other NI Komplete 7 instruments’s dll’s.

All possible lead :bulb: I can give is that about a week ago I tried to jBridge Kontakt 4 from 64Bit to 32Bit to utilise the 64bit ability. However, that did not work whick left me to believe that Kontakt 4 is not 64bit in any case.

I can confirm that the 64Bit Kontakt version is 100% functional, though.

Your insight is appreciated.

:arrow_right: PS: Of Course I’m doing the “VST2 Plugin Path-thing”, Kontakt does not appear there!

Delete the blacklist.xml…?

:ugeek: Thinkingcap,

I’ll have to go look what you are talking about…

:unamused: No idea now!

(What is a blacklist?)


The closet I’m getting to a blaclist is “delete Black keys” located in : C:\Users\Captain Nemo\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 6\Presets\Logical Edit\experimental

:confused: Help!

The VST blacklist is a list where plugins that don’ t get loaded on program start (for whatever reason) are listed.
It’ s either in the Cubase program folder or the user data folder.

you mean " can you help please ?"…
See above or try a windows search for “blacklist.xml”. Don’ t forget to include hidden files.
Or wait until I’ m on the PC again…
Edit: Or maybe it’ s called VST blacklist.xml…


…Please, I meant. Always greatful to get yr attention here!

I got it: C:\Users\Captain Nemo\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 6

I will delete it and see what happens.

Thank you!

Standby, please!


:confused: …Still not there!

:arrow_right: I did delete VST2Blacklist in 32Bit. (I restarted the Cubase).

:unamused: …Now I’m starting to get worried…

Any other “Thinking Ideas”? … Please!? :mrgreen:

Could jBridge have caused some “confusion” somewhere?

:arrow_right: No, I did not delete the whole folder, just the xml.

It’s called VST2.xBlacklist.xml and should be in the folder you specified…
So no need to delete the whole folder

You’ re running Cubase 64 bit…?
How about some infos in your signature (for the future)

Yes, tx I’ll do so!

:wink: Soon, for “Future”.

:wink: Tx for the time!

So well, are you running 64 bit Cubase, or 32bit, or don’t you want to answer that…?

Sorry, thought you were finished with me…


Ok, I don’ t really have any experience with 64 Bit. But is what you’ re saying that 64 bit Cubase sees the 64 Bit plugin, but not the 32 Bit plugin, or it sees none…?

The 32-bit does not see the 32bit plugin, sorry!

64bit all ok!

As I said earlier, I wonder, Maybe it has something to do with my botched attempt at JBridging Kontakt 64Bit to be used in my 32Bit Project.

Maybe, Cubase saw both, the original 32bit plugin and my attempted 64bit Bridge. JBridge warns against letting Cubase see “the real” plugin!

And you did install the 32 Bit version…? Sorry to ask, but I’ m running a little bit out of Ideas atm… So it seems, I’ m really finished with you for now, sorry…

Unfortunately, like I said, no experience with 64 Bit or jBridge unfortunately… :blush:

:arrow_right: Tx for your time Thinkingcap!

:slight_smile: Always greatly appreciated!

you’re welcome…