Solved: VSTi Won't Load In New Project

Got quick help on my ticket. The problem was a likely corruption of some file(s) during a recent upgrade. The solution was to reinitialize preferences. This involved removing a folder from within Cubase, which it then autogenerated a new version upon startup. It worked.

The only negative effect was having to go back in and reorganize all of my vsti’s and vst, as well as set up two of my MIDI controllers again which took a few hours. But it is a small price to pay for having everything back to functioning like normal.


Having a really odd problem on what has been a multi-year stable system and thought I would post up here before opening a ticket.

System: Cubase 10 (latest updates), Windows 10 (latest updates), i7xxx Quad Core, 32GB RAM. My system has been rock solid for years.

Problem: I opened a new project. Opened the Instrument Rack. Selected ROLI’s Equator x64 (v 1.13.0 latest version) as the new Rack Instrument. Nothing loaded. The Instrument Rack looked like I never tried to select anything. Tried it again. Nothing. Loaded up a series of different VSTi’s including more ROLI synths (FxPansion Strobe 2 and Cypher 2), Arturia synths, Steinberg synths, they load up perfectly. Tried Equator again. Nothing. Restarted the computer.

After restart I did the same thing again, same results. It wouldn’t load Equator x64. I opened an old project that had several instance of Equator in it. It took an oddly length of time (around 20-30 seconds I would guess, normally would be maybe 5) but eventually the old project opened and I actually used one of the Equator tracks to verify it was playing properly. Opened a new project. Tried to load Equator…nothing. Then I ran Equator outside Cubase in a stand alone mode. Worked perfectly. Tried it again in a new project. Won’t load.

Honestly I have no idea how this could be happening. I rescanned and verified my VSTi’s. It isn’t on the blacklist. It is so odd that it will load and work in an existing project, but I can’t load an instance into a new project. Any suggestions or ideas would be much appreciated.