{SOLVED} Want to merge new MIDI data in open key editor rather than create new region.

Forgive me if this is a silly question.

Until Cubase 8.5, when I recorded MIDI data onto an open MIDI key editor, it just merged the new data with the old.

Since upgrading to Cubase 9 and then Cubase 9.5, everytime I try doing this, it creates a new event/part for the new MIDI data. Then, I have to exit the key editor, go into the main arrange view and “glue” the new event/part to the old one.

I would really like to take it back to the earlier behaviour of just merging the new MIDI data along with the old in the open key editor. I can’t seem to find the correct preference to tweak to achieve this behaviour. If someone knows which box to tick / untick, pls help me.

Thank you very much!

Ok… So, I RTFM…

In case anyone’s interested, this option is now under Transport/MIDI Record Mode/ Merge.

Wasn’t this in the Preferences section of earlier Cubase versions?


I’m struggling with the same issue, but in cubase 10.

This mode option doesn’t really fix it, because it applies midi merge to midi recording in key editor and in “normal” recording.

But In cubase 8 and earlier midi recording worked like this:
When recording midi in project view: creates new part.
When recording in key editor (with key editor open) it would merge midi notes that were just recorded while the key editor window was open into that part.

See midi record merge disaster for other possible reason for non-merging (Forum won’t let me post the same answer into 2 different threads even tho the 2 threads are about the same issue)