[Solved] Where are color preferences saved?

I messed up my “Appearance-Colors” in the preferences. Now I’d like to go back to the default color settings.
I already reset / deleted the whole preferences through the safe start mode. However, the colors are are still the same.



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Trashing the “Defaults.xml” doesn’t reset my colors either.
However I made a backup from the whole Preferences (Cubase 8.5) folder after the first installation immediately. Replacing the current Preferences folder with my backup folder just did the trick. But I still don’t know in which oil the colors are saved - if not in the “Defaults.xml”?

The “Appearances-Colors” are saved in a file named “UserPreferences.xml” which isn’t mentioned in the “Cubase and Nuendo Program Preferences Files in Detail” article. Opening the “UserPreferences.xml” file allows you to edit or read out colors directly.