(SOLVED)Why can't I make MixConsole scalable like Greg Ondo?

At about 13 seconds into his video, MixConsole Advanced Functionality | Cubase 7 Q&A with Greg Ondo - YouTube , he “scales” the mixer by grabbing a corner.

When I do that, all I get is the standard “windows resize” behavior. I don’t get the look he gets on his. Same whether I grab a corner, or an edge.

Any hints what I might be doing wrong?

Thanks much -

you may have it set in “full screen” mode. Check the dropdown on the top right.

Thanks, JMCecil, I should have mentioned it’s not in full screen" mode, and not “maximized”.

Any other things I should think about?

nope, works fine here even maximized. Just can’t have it in “full screen”

No chance you could post a screen shot or vid, is there? I see you have windows, maybe I’m just “grabbing” in the wrong place (Greg Ondo is working on a Mac).

Possibly a little later, but there is no “place” to grab. Any edge of the mixer window frame works.

I think maybe I am actually scaling the mixer … when I move it around, the behavior is a little different from when I move any other Windows window, to include the Cubase Project window: after dragging the MixConsole around, when I let go, there is a subsequent very rapid (within a few hundred milliseconds at the most) resizing of the MC window. The other Windows windows don’t do that, so I guess that means the MC is getting “scaled”?

What confused me is that when Greg Ondo drags his MC edge or corner around (13 seconds into this video: MixConsole Advanced Functionality | Cubase 7 Q&A with Greg Ondo - YouTube ), the resizing occurs “real time”, where as mine doesn’t occur till I let go of the mouse. Another way of saying that is that if I have a downsized MC that I want to scale larger, when I click and drag the edge or corner, the MC stays static until I let go after the drag … his MC moves out immediately with his drag.

Is that a Windows vs. Mac thing, or maybe I have some Windows or Cubase preference set to make it do that?

More important, actually: in a single screen set up like I have, W7 - is there any disadvantage to using a full screen MC? I see that I can get to other open programs by ALT-TABBING while the MC stays full screen, but maybe there are other things to be concerned about …?

Thanks for any thoughts -

Aloha guys,
just to chime in.

Mixer here works just like the video.
On Mac here.

Good Luck!

Good to know, thanks, curteye.

Are you a full-screen kind of guy? If so, what advantages make it better for you to do that? Any disadvantages that are part of the package?

Thanks for your perspective!

Win key + pause key to bring up system settings. Advanced settings /performance / show content while dragging. Sorry I’m on a Danish win7 the translation is probably wrong but should help point you in the right direction

WinKey + Pause = Sweet!
I thought I had all the shortcuts down, but this new one is a jem.
Thanks, peakae!

Are you a full-screen kind of guy? If so, what advantages make it better for you to do that? Any disadvantages that are part of the package?

Any advantages of fullscreen are currently outweighed by AOT bug…plugs will go behind mixer as soon as you click of them.

Thank you, Grim. No prob doing the “drag it open to almost maximized size” thing, too bad though, that full screen sure looks pretty!

Thanks, peakae … that did it!

So many things I don’t know - I appreciate your helping me fill in one more hole :slight_smile:

Again…this is another example of so many different ways people work with Cubase. I use 4 monitors and 2 of them are dedicated to the mix console in full screen mode. Therefore I have 2 other monitors to keep plugs so they don’t vanish. But for users of 1 monitor forget full screen mode!

Now…if they would just get some key commands to focus these mix consoles in full screen mode… :imp:

Possibly the whole issue was the result of a long forgotten tweak that involved setting the Visual Effects setting to the Adjust for best performance option, which turned off all of them, though I vaguely remember just turning off a couple of the significant ones, like this one, was also recommended.

I’ve always been able to do that but i always use ‘always on top’ window mode because of dual screen.

What I like is to have a mixer under the sequencer view, for quick level check etc, but I really need it to smallest possible (only 1 screen, wish I had 4 like greggybud)
But I got limited in term of resizing, I wish I could gain some vital sequencer space by still getting it tinier vertically than the limit.