[Solved] Why doesn't my text frame behave as expected?

I’m trying to recreate my theory notes in Dorico. The idea is to divide the page (A4 landscape) into two columns: one containing labeled music examples (in a single flow separated by double barlines) and another containing explanatory text.

In order to achieve this, in Engrave mode I removed the main default music frame and instead created a music frame and a text frame, both covering about half of the page (horizontally).

However, when I enter music, and text afterwards, the text is placed vertically under the music (though in the correct column). Why is this, and how do I correct it?

I’m trying to visualize what you mean. Can you post a screenshot, or the zipped project?

The most likely reason is that you have misunderstood how something is supposed to work, but it’s very hard to guess what that might be without at least a picture of engrave mode showing the frames on the page, or better still the actual project.

Like this?

Yes, that’s it, FredGunn. But I’ve solved it already. Apparently the vertical alignment of text is set to center by default. Now that I’ve set it to top, everything works as expected.

Todd, there’s a new and improved way to insert dummy text… :wink: https://baconipsum.com/

That’s hilarious! Definitely bookmarking that one!