***SOLVED***Windows 10 Creators Update hell

Hi yesterday my computer asked me to update to Windows 10 Creators update and it absolutely wrecked Cubase 9.0.2 which had until then been very stable.
I uninstalled the update after wasting a couple of hours while it installed and while I tried to work out why it had rendered Cubase unusable.
My version of Windows doesn’t allow me to switch off automatic updates and today the same update has automatically downloaded and is asking to be installed.
Does anyone know
A) Where the downloaded update will be on my system so I can delete it and
B) How to stop automatic updates of these large builds while still allowing security updates etc?

version is Windows 10 Home version 1607

Many thanks indeed

Don’t, just let it update. There are no issues with the creators update.
What you probably need to do is starting the eLicenser software as admin and run a maintenance.
That’s it.

Thanks, I had tried that already…

Anyway problem now solved, I think - I had to “approve attached devices” in the Thunderbolt software to enable my audio interface to function.

It seems the Windows update has introduced a new set of permissions that need to be granted

I have a similar issue with Cubase now crashing upon loading a project. I tried a reinstall of Cubase itself, and also reinstalled the eLicenser software to no avail. There are the odd message about a project directory being read-only, or initially i got elicenser issues so it could be something to do with attached devices.
However, i’m using USB3 and not thunderbolt, so my issue could be different

Run elicenser as administrator and run maintenance. If this doesn’t help, I’d suggest you start a new thread in the general forum and give more details.
This thread is already marked as SOLVED and is outside of the main section so won’t get a lot of views.

Thanks Grim. I’ve opened a new thread, and i’m going to uninstall/reinstall the elicenser from scratch tonight.

Running the elicenser as admin before running maintenance is what you need to do…not reinstalling.