[Solved ... wirh macro] What's the fastest way to open the Project folder?

Anyone having some fast way to just go to the Project folder?
It’s always this heavy sigh and half a minute of poking around before I get there.
Maybe I’m overlooking something or maybe I should do yet another feature request?

Any nifty tricks like “beam me up, Scotty!” :laughing:

Depends on what your intention is with that Project Folder and it’s contents; what do you wanna do with it ?
Pool window or Browser window (weird name, should be called “Project Browser”) don’t cut it for you ?

Warm Regards.

no, I mean the Windows Explorer folder with subfolders which I use rather often to put “other stuff” related to the project, to keep all of it in one place.
I wish there was a button you could place somewhere around the frame of Cubase to just open the present projects hard disk folder with the real files in.

Fastest way I know is to select an audio event, do Find Selected in Pool, then Show in Explorer, then alt+up-arrow to go up to the Project Folder.

Amen That !
-steve-, you know you are a True Hero here at the board for a long time now ?!
You seem to know EVERYTHING ! :smiley:
Thanks !!

:smiley: :blush: :ugeek:

Yeah, that’s “beam me up, Scotty!” enough for now. That’s kind of the what I was asking for. I’ve been meaning to try something like that but …
There is a faster way and that’s making a macro and THAT I’ve tried and then I assigned a Key Command to it.
Of course it only works when you have audio recorded, but still, I like it!

Thanx, Not-Kermit! :laughing: