[ solved ] Zoom N Track Rows dialog now has to be moused to have the value in focus!

Was that necessary or is it a but or an oversight??? I have a Key Command I use a lot to change the height of the Track Rows and in Cubase 12 and for year previous to that the value in the little dialog was selected when it popped up so I could just hit a number and Enter and boom I’m done. It might not seem like much to click on that thing but depending on how often you do it it adds up and wears your brain down. Can we please have that functionality back? At least inform us what the benefit of changing this is?

Well, I just held down CTRL+Shift and used the scroll wheel and this issue is now considered solved by the topic owner! In Cubase 13 I’m using Vertical Zoom instead … OF COURSE!!! :smiley: Adding this to anyone who’s searching for it, who like me hasn’t payed attention to some new features. Now if I want a specific number of rows I can use the Key Command and type it in but it will almost be redundant I guess.


This is a known issue, already reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

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