Solving Occasional Dropouts

When projects begin to get busy, I often find I’m getting dropouts on my MR816, even when CPU usage is low.

My spec is:
Cubase 6.0 (same probs on Cubase 5.x)
MR816x | FW Driver 1.60 | Boot 1.00 | Main 1.00 | IEEE1395 1.02
Texas Instruments FW card (performance was intolerable before I got this card!)
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 @ 2.83GHz
Windows 7 64bit

Running DPC Latency Checker all was fine - consistently low figures and no spikes at all.

Done the usual tweaks - Background Processes priority etc.

I should add that I am using the same machine for a lot of other things! It’s my work machine and I work as a sound designer in the video games industry - so I’m online (wired LAN not wireless), running antivirus and firewall, Outlook and various inhouse tools in the background - although turning them off doesn’t seem to affect performance - I get dropouts even with the network disabled and everything else shut down into a purist DAW state.

Anything I can do save moving the card into a new PC?

What motherboard do you have?
There are some tweaks that can be done in the BIOS, but I need to know which mobo you have in order to give the right setting names.

Did you put your PC in “High Performance” power plan in your power options?
Did you check if your MR816 shares an IRQ with any other device?

Hi Pascal - apologies for not replying sooner - I hadn’t checked this thread recently.

The motherboard is an Asus P5Q.

Power Options are in ‘Steinberg Audio Power’ - any benefit to changing this to High Performance?

I don’t know the “Steinberg Audio Power” setting…
I have mine in High Performance. Anything less than high performance can cause some devices to go into “sleep” or “eco” mode, causing dropouts.
I am not familiar with Core 2 Quad mobo’s. But here are some things that should be disabled in i7-9xx mobo BIOS (maybe they are available in your BIOS as well):

  • C1E
  • C3/C6/C7 state support
  • EIST
  • HPET (called ACPI2 in Asus mobo’s)

Hi Pascal, and thanks again.

Only C1E and ACPI2 were available, and were already disabld.

So I swapped the Texas Instruments drivers for the basic Windows Legacy drivers, and seem to get better performance. Still getting dropouts, but not nearly at as such an offensive level as before. What the…?

I have a P5Q and was experiencing occasional drop outs during playback.
After running the Yamaha firewire utility and setting the buffers to medium from small they went away.
Try running the yfswutility.exe located in the driver download folder…