Solving Problems with a CI Series interface

This list is to solve problems with the CI as for example:

  • Drop Outs
  • Crackles
  • Driver is not installed correctly
  • Asio Performance Issues

!!! Remember to select the CI driver as ASIO driver in Cubase under “Devices–> Device Setup–> VST Audiosystem”.

The CI should be connected with the included USB cable. If you use another choose a high quality cable. The shorter the cable is the smaller is the possibility for errors, even though the USB standard allows up to 3 meters in length.

If there are problems with the CI you should try to connect it to different USB ports on your system. USB Hubs can cause troubles but can also be the solution to a problem. Active hubs should be preferred.

Reinstall the latest CI Tools as Administrator. Turn of any security or system tools that could prevent a correct installation and functionality of the device.
Choose your CI device in the “Product Downloads” list in the support download section:

Turn off all unused devices in the Device Manager. For example, this includes network cards, bluetooth peripherals, card readers, webcams, USB coffee cup warmers, fingerprint scanners etc. Do not use any fancy keyboard or mouse drivers. Instead try to use standard generic Windows drivers.

You should also disable more important device drivers like the video card in the device manager. Windows will then use a generic driver and you can check if the problem is related to the graphic card drivers.

Update the drivers for your hardware. You should especially update the Chipset/Motherboard and video card drivers.

Furthermore, it is important that you optimize your Windows for DAW applications. Each point in the following article is important and should be applied carefully.

Please follow the instructions on this site: