Solving the lack of control room feature


I am using Cubase Elements 8.
I have at least two different physical outputs in my interface.

  1. Since I do not have the control room feature, I created to myself a drummer mix + click.
    I use send 8 from each track and route it to stereo outputs 2.

But I can’t send the FX channel.
I also can’t create an audio track and defined his input as a FX channel.

There is a solution for this, or I will have to buy a physical 2 in 1 out mixer?

Maybe there is a vst plugin that can change the routes to physical outputs?

All I need is to send the master to stereo outputs 2, and I will set the click on the vst connections.

I do not need a different mix from the one that goes to the PA, I can use the same one, but I need the click, and only I spouse to ear the click :slight_smile:

  1. If I will buy the Focusrite 18i8 3gn, can I manipulate the routes via it’s software so I will sum stereo 1 + 2 to one of the outputs?

Thank you