Solving volume drop in Constrain Delay Comp

Hi all,

I’ve got a template with a bunch of high-latency plugs on the master which in effect boost the volume of my mix.

When I want to record some new midi I switch on Constrain Delay Comp so the latency isn’t crazy but there is quite a big volume drop, around 6db or more, as all those plugs get bypassed.

I’d like to solve that volume drop so I put a limiter in Control Room set to just lower the volume 6db. When I switch on Constrain Delay Comp it gets bypassed by C12 due to latency, which is what I want.

Is there a more elegant way of doing this? Can Control Room be set to have different levels when constrained vs non-constrained?


Not on its own, because control room cannot really know the level differences when the plugins get deactivated due to CDC.
You can of course use another channel of control room just set up for recording, where you boost the level how you need it, or insert a zero latency limiter and boost the volume with that. You can then setup a key command to switch to that control room channel, or build a macro that combines both steps.
You have to disable “exclusive ports for control room” in the preferences to be able to assign the same outputs to a different CR channel.

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A separate channel plus a macro sounds like a winner in this case. Thanks, fese!

I use Cue sends with different volumes assigned to Stereo Out channel to fast switch in Control Room.
You may also use Control Room “dimmed” by 6 db and switch off when CDC enabled. (from the Dim button in CR)