some 32 and 64 bit vst not showing up

I use mostly 32 bit, but I do have some 64 bit vsts. I can’t get things like Sampletank free, Ultra-Analog, and some other ones to show up anywhere. (Toontrack, Kontakt, show up), Any ideas?



Where are they installed?
Is the path to this folder set in Cubase?
Are you using 64bit Cubase?
Are they in the blacklist?

Thanks for the reply. 64 bit Elements 8. No blacklist tab.

I found some old posts (not by searching unfortunately) that mentioned making the paths right. I moved some thing in there and some worked, some didn’t. I can’t find Sampletank Free dll, Harmless, or the sounds for Sonik Synth, and patches for things didn’t show up altogher either. I guess I have more work to do. I wish it was a bit more plug and play. Oh well.

The blacklist is an xml in your prefs (appdata) folder…you can just delete it and Cubase will rebuild it on start…but see if any missing plugs are in there first (open in a text editor)

It sounds like your previous installing may have been a bit messy? You may find it easier to just uninstall stuff and reinstall to correct folders.

One VSTPlugins folder for 32bit vst2 in Program Files (x86)
One VSTPlugins folder for 64bit vst2 in Program Files

Note that VST3 versions should only ever be installed to the common files directors the installers should default to.
They will not work in any other loaction.

Thanks. Can’t find the appdata folder. I think you may be right about installation messiness. I did try to move dlls around, which may mess things up.

Do 32 bit vsts have to be in the x86 folder?

“\Users<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg<program name>\”.

They don’t “have” to be in x86…it just follows the standard of program installs in WIndows.

OK, nothing seems to work. Cubase doesn’t seem to like some of my vsts.

New problem, I added a path for Cubase VSTplugin manager to search and apparently Cubase can’t/won’t find Big Tick Rhino and now won’t open at all-so I can’t change that path. It’s a new weird (to me) directory:
C:\BOXRoot\HarddiskVolume3\PROGRAM FILES\VstPlugIns

I’m stuck.


Are you saying Cubase won’t open at all now?


Either delete the prefs for plugins/pluginmanager from the preferences folder to reset the vst2 paths to default or rename the folder you just added in Windows so Cubase can’t find it and crash on whatever it’s trying to scan, start Cubase and remove that path.

Got it open, thanks. Will mess with the vsts later.