Some 3rd party plugs not showing up in C10.5 - sort of


I have a bunch of plugs that I would like to use in C10.5. I have set the path correctly, they are all 64-bit plugs, and they are not in the blacklist. They do not show up as options when I go to create a FX track.

Funny thing is, when I grab an old v5 project containing these plugs and load it in v10, the GUI for those plugs is right there. But they don’t pass audio.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


Make sure the Constrain Delay Compensation is disabled, please.

Thanks Martin

“Make sure the Constrain Delay Compensation is disabled”

Always has been disabled. Besides, this is not a Constrain Delay Compensation issue.


Could you please attach a screenshot, how do the plug-ins look like in the Inspector or in the MixConsole?

Ok, I see what’s going on here.

So, there is sound - I wasn’t activating the send; I thought that raising the level would auto activate it.

And the plugs are in fact there; they are listed under “other”.

Any way to NOT have them under other, and just have them listed as they used to be?



Did you change the plug-in collection by mistake?

No. At least not that I am aware of. Is there a way to change the plug-in configuration?


Yes, there is. If you open the list of plug-ins in the Insert slot, on the top-right side, there is the triangle, where you can choose the Plug-in Collection.


So, you mean from the VST Plug Mgr, right? Yes, I see how to do that… the only PITA is, I have to drag all of the plugs one by one to the right panel :confused:

Thanks for the help!


You don’t, you can select multiple of them. Or you can (as far as I remember) duplicate a collection and then adapt it.

Oh :slight_smile:


See attached screenshot, please.

TY :slight_smile:

Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?


On attached screenshot, I tried to demonstrate how to make the multi-selection or copy the Collection to the new one, in the window.


You can ignore “Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence”

That’s the forum sw talking :slight_smile: