Some annoying issues

New to these forums. I was asked by the Facebook team to write these bugs down here.

I experience the following issues with Dorico for iPad (among many others though):

  • Saving and syncing is wildly inconsistent: sometimes it saves a file I opened through the Files app in Dorico’s own iCloud Drive folder, sometimes it saves directly to the original folder. Yet when that last thing happens, it doesn’t save to the locally opened file. So when I open Dorico again, it only shows older files.
  • Sometimes, I cannot attach the file I’m working on to an e-mail. No attachment shows. If this happens, I am also not able to export the file by Save to Files.
  • The Rest pos. variable cannot be edited to contain a negative number on the iPad. A soft keyboard pops up that does not allow negative numbers.
  • Tempo values cannot be edited with the on screen keyboard, bluetooth keyboard, Apple Pencile or the keyboard from my Logitech case.
  • Scrolling, especially when editing the velocity values in Write Mode, isn’t at all smoothly, it jumps back and forth.
  • Every few seconds, I cannot scroll to the last few beats of a bar without zooming out and in again.
  • No Apple pencil support.

Also: shifting focus when working in split screen. Every time I type something (; + tuplet value + return, or / to enter a grace note), the focus goes to the other app. Not sure if this is an iOS issue, but I only experience this with Dorico.

Thanks very much for your feedback. Can you tell me a bit more about the problem you’re having with editing tempo values? Where and how are you trying to edit them? Are you talking about the tempo editor in the Key Editor, or editing an existing tempo in the popover, or setting up a new tempo in the panel in Write mode, or something else?

Hi Daniel, thanks a lot. The problem occurs in the properties panel. Admittedly, this isn’t a problem for absolute tempo’s, since I can change those in the popover. But for gradual tempo’s, it’s more problematic. I can use backspace to delete the values, but keyboard entry isn’t registered.

I attach a screenshot with the problem in action.


With apologies for the very long delay in coming back to this thread, I just wanted to drop in to say that we have addressed the problems with the spin boxes affecting the tempo and rest position properties, and these will be fixed in the next update for Dorico for iPad.

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This is much appreciated!!