Some Audio Connections are Unavailable when loading 4.0 Warm

Here’s my problem :

When I try loading the voice 4.0 Warm Strings from Halion 5, it says “Some Audio Connections are Unavailable (due to deactivated plugin outputs or bus width mismatch)”

I get to read this message when I hover over the red color warning symbol. Any help appreciated. It used to work well before, But I have no clue why it happened today.

Any help greatly appreciated. Thank You

It’s a warning you use a surround sound on a stereo bus. So you’ll only hear the first two channels unless you reroute or use the downmix effect.

Thanks for the info Niles. How can I fix it?

Doesn’t really need to be fixed, as such. If you want, you can delete the “Rear” section in the program and save it under a new name. Those “4.0” presets are designed to be used in a surround-sound context, so if you’re only using stereo, there’s no point. The “4.0” means “four channels of full-range audio, no sub-woofer”, not HALion 4.0.

Thanks MrSoundman !

There are several ways of adjusting it, depending on what you want to achieve, next to MrSoundman’s suggestions there are a few other options.

If you just want the 4.0 sound over a stereo output channel use the Downmix effect. This will downmix the 4+ channels to 2 channels.

If you want to customize which channel you want to hear, use the Channel Router effect. This way you can control which channel goes out where. So for instance you can choose to only use the last two channels (rear) instead of the first two channels (front). Or use rear left and front right.

If you want to divide the rear and front channels over 2 busses simply add a bus to the front layer and another one to the rear layer. This way you can reroute both signals to different outputs. Or mix the two signals the way you like.

Or use a surround output when creating a surround mix of course :laughing: