"Some audio files are missing. Please check installation"

I have just purchased and installed Dorico Elements 3 ( When I attempt to open the first built in project, I see a message (see attached screenshot) with the text “Some audio files are missing. Please check installation.” The dialog box is labelled “HALion Sonic SE”.

I would appreciate some assistance in troubleshooting this problem.


Welcome to the forum. Have you also downloaded and installed the “Dorico Elements 3 Sound Installer” package? It’s about 3 GByte and contains all the sound files that Dorico needs for playback.

Hi Ulf, I did run it when I first installed the program (twice, actually), and it appeared to finish successfully each time.

However, prompted by your speedy reply (for which I thank you!) I’ve just run it again and the program now seems to be working fine. So thank you again.


I am havig this same issue - i.e. when I load up score that previously worked quite happily, I now get the “Some audio files are missing. Please check installation” window. I am using Dorico Pro 3.5.10 on a MAC OS 10.13 (High Sierra). I have tried reinstalling the full sounds pkg, and also have tried clearing the audio engine cache / Reset Audio Engine data (both from the VST plugins preference page). Issue persists. The sounds that are not loading ) or even visible in the list of possibilities in the “Load Program to Selected Slot” window in the Halion setup is “Trumpet combi” and “Trombone combi” - these were there and working fine when I previously opened this project. Please help!! Thanks, Rob

Welcome to the forum Rob.
First thing to check is, open the Steinberg Library Manager (gets installed along with Dorico) and see what that sound libraries that application can find on your computer. If that one does not show anything, please have a look under
Mac HD / Library / Application Support / Steinberg / Content / VST Sound
Mac HD / Library / Application Support / Steinberg / Content / Halion / VST Sound
to see if there are any *.vstsound files there.
If there are, double click on each of them, that will register the files with the Library Manager. Then try again in Dorico.