Some audio files are missing

Hi folks,

We are getting an error with Cubase Elements 6 SE (v6.07) when we open it:

HALion Sonic SE
Some audio files are missing.
Please check installation.

We are a school and have several licenses of the educational version.

The program opens without error using the administrative account used to install it. If we create another administrator account, we still get the same error.

When we search for the audio files we find them in the appdata\roaming\steinberg\content directory for the user.

Is there any way to get around this error, or will we have to copy the audio files to the network?

The student users have significantly restricted permissions, and are unable to access the C drive.


I contacted support and they told me they don’t support Cubase on a network.

But someone on another forum suggested the following: at the autoplay dialog: click “2. Install”. Then click Customize button in bottom left-hand corner, and on following dialog click “Install for anyone who users this computer (all users)”.

That fixed it!