Some audio files missing in Right-Zone but VISIBLE in Media Bay

Hi can someone please assist with this?
Its been happening since C10 I think… now on C11Pro and issue is persisting.
A couple of folders are not showing their contents inside the right-zone media browser but show in the fullscale Media Bay.
I’ve already tried startup in safe mode with disabled preferences. No improvement.

Yes, this is happening to me too. Its very annoying. I normally do some external editing and i save new files from iZotope RX, when trying to import them using the right zone the files don´t show there, i have to manually import to the audio pool and drag them into the project.

Just wanted to update on this… I recently added a new internal drive to my system. As a consequence, the drive on which is located this “problem” folder was given a new name and assigned a different letter.
Lo and behold in Cubase, after selecting the path again, the issue had been resolved! So it looks like either renaming the drive or changing its assigned letter fixed the issue though I cannot tell which. Regardless, I’d suggest trying it out if you can and report back!

I believe i have the answer.
Open the mediabay and untick all folders then tick the ones you need. Cubase will automatically re-detect all files and subfolders.

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I believe I had tried this way back but I will make a note of it should it happen again.
Worked for you?

Yes, its working. But i do a lot of iZotope RX edits and when i bring them bakc to cubase i have to do this because i dont have set in preferences the mediabay to keep looking everytime.