"Some Audio Files Missing"

I use Dorico 2.1 every day and it is a pleasure to work with. Especially when I can use the many fine features and details in the program. The new swing was exactly what I missed.
A little warning pops up every time i open Dorico. There is nothing wrong with the playback. Everything feels normal: “Halion Sonic SE. Some audio files are missing. Please check installation.”
I have re-installed (or repaired ?) Halion Sonic SE 3 & The Orchestra Library. The Pop Up still Pops Up. And I still don’t miss anything.
What’s wrong?
Audio Files missing.jpg.jpg
Yours Arne

Hi Arne, true, very odd that it does not tell which files are missing.

I’d try to fix it by forcing Dorico (or the audio engine) to rescan all sound libraries, maybe that does the trick.
To do so try the following:

  • Stop Dorico
  • Delete the folder C:\Users<yourname>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\VSTAudioEngine2_64
    (note, if you have a user whitelist in there, make a backup copy first)
  • Restart Dorico. This will take a little longer than usual due to the new scanning

Thank you, Ulf.
I did as you wrote. Dorico started quickly again. Played like before, - and the message popped up as before.
(My windows system has problems - so maybe I should live with that little message.)

Please open a command prompt window (press the Windows key and type cmd and then return, that shall open a new window).
Then change the directory with: cd %AppData%/Steinberg/Content
Then type: dir /s
That will do a recursive directory listing.
Click on the icon on the right-top of that window and choose Edit > Select All, and then Edit > Copy.
That copies everything to the clipboard which you then can paste into an email and send to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’.
Maybe from the listing I can spot what is missing.

I have the same problem Zlive69@gmail.com

And, did you follow the advice as given in this thread?